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Now we are back at work I think it’s only fair to tell you the real reason why we closed so long over the Christmas holidays, as so many people have asked.

Nigel has been unwell for quite some time and throughout the month of December, including Christmas and New Year, he underwent numerous tests and scans including an abdominal scan at 6pm on New Year’s Eve! (talk about ruin your holiday)

His mood change after the scan as it looks like it is not quite so bad as they at first thought and he should be having treatment fairly soon.  I presume this is why his mood changed but I cant be sure because when I asked him how the scan went all he could talk about was how brilliant Queen were playing live on New Year’s Eve and then ranted on about having seen Wilco Johnson on Jools Holland show. Wilco has cancer and was not expected to live and seeing him back to his old form on stage certainly contributed to Nigel feeling 500% better than he did before.

I am sure he has a few hospital visits and operations ahead but is back to his old positive self so much so he has even told me he intends to play the drums again in anger.

So it’s all go for Harpur’s of Oundle in 2015 and we would like to wish you all a Happy New Year.

Tina x

Antiques Road Trip

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March 2014

Hi well this week was the antiques road trip filmed here in sunny Oundle.
We were really happy with how the show went and how much money Charles made for his charity. He supports SANDS, which is still births etc., so the money he made on our fans will go to a great cause. Although we could call it cheap to get an advert like that onto tv!

I’m not quite sure at this time what to write but I thought I would try and do a sort of running commentary as to the weird and wonderful things that happen over here in Harpursville. There’s never a dull moment. Always shop things to sort, clean, move around, price up and the general running of a shop. We get lots of folk dropping in and we hear stories of life in the town and surrounding villages so I may report some of that. I can’t report all of it, of course, as I don’t want to be sued but I may tell you some of the more amusing things that happen. I’ll also report on how a particular job is going, if I’ve managed to make a thing of beauty or a pig’s ear, or even thrown it out of the window!! One things for sure I’ll keep this light hearted with the accent on fun and a little bit of gossip thrown in, hope you enjoy. Back soon.. Nigel.